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October 6th 2023
Asperlkeller Unterrohrbach / Spillern (Lower Austria)
ELITE TOURS Cultural tours
Wienerlieder und Operette
Piano: Markus Vorzellner

October 13th 2023, 8.00 PM
Burg Perchtoldsdorf / Austria
„Edelmann & Edelmann“
Wienerliederabend with Peter Edelmann & Paul A. Edelmann
Piano: Manfred Schiebel

Charles Spencer & Paul Armin Edelmann in Recital
Spencer & Edelmann in Recital



"Paul Armin Edelmann is the perfect song-poet with a wonderfully balanced and seamless voice; a dreamy, soft legato binding every phrase, text and music in an exemplary manner into a single unit of song and story. A feast for the ears.", on the Verdi Canzoni CD